Modular Trail Structures


Modular trail Structures Design

Our pre-fabricated modules streamline the design and specification process.

We work closely with our customers to deliver the best boardwalk based on project needs and parameters, whether working to tailor the right solution from our existing portfolio or helping our partners create the perfect custom boardwalk. Either way, our pre-fabricated systems are designed to save time and money while delivering a durable, top-quality product every single time. To further ensure quality, each design is stamped by a structural engineer located in the state of installation.

  •   Footing: Footings are the foundation of a durable, sustainable and beautiful boardwalk. To ensure a secure foundation, MTS offers different footings based on the environment, project requirements and soil-bearing capacity. Our bearing plate is the perfect solution when permanent footings aren’t required, or our saddle brackets provide a permanent way to marry our system to foundations made of concrete, timber or helical piles.
  •   Frame: We offer frames made of structural steel (galvanized, epoxy-coated or powdered-coated). Frame selection depends on the application and environment. All our frames come with a lifetime guarantee.
  •  Decking: At MTS we’re all about function, durability and aesthetics – boardwalks that not only offer access to natural areas but beautify and complement them. To best do so, we offer decks built of pressure treated lumber, hardwoods, plastic lumber or composite.
  •  Railing and Toe Kicks: Often ADA compliance is a factor in the design of a boardwalk. No matter the need or parameters, MTS will work to ensure additional components meet specific project needs and requirements.

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