Modular Trail Structures


Modular trail Structures Installation

Because our products are pre-fabricated we know what to expect upon installation, minimizing the risk of costly delays or unexpected challenges.

Our product will arrive ready to install: we package and ship so that sections arrive and are offloaded in the order they’ll be installed, with detailed instructions and ongoing support from our team. On average, 250 lineal feet can be installed in a day. Our installation process is designed to use the boardwalk itself to deliver materials and equipment as the boardwalk is installed to ensure minimal impact and disruption to environmentally sensitive areas.

Throughout installation, we continually work with contractors and partners to deliver portions of their project as it fits with their construction plan. In addition, we will modify our process as needed to fit any specific challenges of the environment where the boardwalk is being installed.

We serve as a partner from start to finish, and are available for onsite consultation throughout the installation of our boardwalks. While we work hard to prevent unforeseen challenges or delays, we are 100% committed to supporting and troubleshooting as much or as little as needed as our boardwalks come to life in their natural environments.

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